Cats are independent types who instinctively hide their pain.

As you can imagine, surgery will cause some pain. Pay attention to your cat's behavior in the days following surgery. He or she may be providing clues that he or she is in pain and needs help. To manage this pain, your veterinarian may prescribe pain relief that you can administer at home, such as Onsior® (robenacoxib).

Remember – If you are concerned that pain is lasting longer or is worse than expected, contact your veterinarian. Only your veterinarian is qualified to diagnose your cat's condition and, if necessary, suggest treatment that may include alternate modalities or additional therapy.

Does your cat exhibit any of the following:

  • Does the surgical incision or wound site look red, angry, or inflamed?
  • Are your cat's eyes as bright as usual? Does your cat seem to be squinting?
  • Does he or she growl, hiss, or moan when left alone, petted, or moved?
  • Is he or she purring more than usual or for no apparent reason (without being petted, for example)?
  • Is he or she unusually silent?
  • Is he or she hiding, protecting, licking, or biting the surgical site?
  • Does your cat have less-than-usual or no interest in play?
  • Is your cat less active than usual? Is your cat climbing or jumping less than usual?
  • Is your cat trying to hide or avoid other animals or people more than usual?
  • Is your cat acting more aggressively than usual?
  • Does your cat seem to be seeking comfort more often than usual?
  • Is your cat eating less in quantity or less often than usual?
  • Does your cat's coat look dull or matted? Has your cat stopped or reduced his or her grooming activities?
  • Is your cat shedding more than usual?
  • Has your cat been urinating or defecating outside of its litter box or elsewhere in your home?
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If you answered yes to one or more questions, your cat may be asking for help.

Contact your veterinarian to discuss your observations and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


See the prescribing information for details
about Onsior.

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